"Oh, my! I have bees on my property/in my garden/in my house! Can you help me?" These services are only available in the Los Angeles area. Do you have a clump of bees hanging or sitting somewhere? This is a swarm—Kirk will come and capture it.   Are bees living in your fence/barbecue/compost bin/birdhouse/fountain pedestal/garden wall/shop vac? Kirk does live bee removal, called a “cut out”. He’ll come and take the bees away. Sometimes bees can also be removed from within structures. Call or email Kirkobeeo for the price on any of the above services. All bees captured or removed are saved. They're either given to a new beekeeper or Kirk adopts them.
LIVE BEE REMOVAL copyright 2011 Kirk’s Urban Bees Kirk@kirksurbanbees.com  323-646-9651