Raw Honey is honey that has not been treated in any way while it journeys from the beehive to your table. It’s not heated, nothing is added to it or taken away from it. Kirk’s honey also comes from beehives that have not had anything at all inserted in the hive. The bees make their own honeycomb and no chemicals or oils or artificial essences of any kind are ever put in Kirk’s hives. You won’t believe the taste! This video shows how Kirk gets his honey. copyright 2011 Kirk’s Urban Bees Kirk@kirksurbanbees.com  323-646-9651 Purchase Honey
This raw honey is quite literally a rare treat. It’s produced in beehives placed in backyards in Los Angeles area neighborhoods. Each bottle has a label on the lid that shows which neighborhood it came from. Every location has a different taste, like fine wine from vineyards in different places. Plus, Kirk only takes honey when the bees have made more than they’ll need. Sometimes the humans don’t get any! Honey is weighed by dry weight but stored in bottles marked for liquid weight. Our honey is bottled in glass, hexagonal jars. The jars are 6oz (liquid) but hold 9oz (dry) of honey! $10.00 a jar Shipping and handling for one, two or three jars is $8.00. We accept PayPal. If you live in the Los Angeles area and want to pick up your honey, email Pat (Mrs. BeeO) at patavanderson@gmail.com to make arrangements. Right now we have honey from Altadena and Van Nuys. ** SPECIAL **** SPECIAL **** SPECIAL ** We have a real treat available. In March, Kirk made a trip to Dee Lusby’s apiary in the Arizona desert. He helped her with a honey harvest and brought home some desert honey. We put it in 12 oz jars (14.3oz of honey) and have about 60 jars for sale. $15.00 jar Shipping and handling for 1 jar is $8.00 This won’t last long!